9 November 2019

What's that Scent?


Undoubtedly, our sense of smell is both essential and powerful. A scent may transport you back to your childhood, happy, warm memories and a state of well-being. Obviously the opposite is true as well. 

Now, what if a text could have a scent?  Taking this hypothesis a step further, what if that scent could be analysed and decoded for us?

That is where Scenty
plays its part. 

Scenty is powered by AI and with a couple of clicks, analyses your text. 

All you need to do is type/paste a passage of a text to find out more about the "scent" that it reflects. 

I took an extract from an earlier post - Are You Beautiful - to find out more. Below is a screen shot of the results:

This is a short and sweet activity that students can do at the end of a writing session or as a follow-up to a lesson. It may not be included in an exam, but isn't learning much richer than only studying for an exam?

Slow learning.

An opportunity to reflect,
play around with
contemporary tools.

To gain awareness of how AI is being used in simple bytes.

Slow learning is what you make out of it. 

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