25 November 2019

Writing Prompts for Those Days When Things Go Wrong

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We may want to make a day good, but sometimes intentions don't go as planned. 

Sometimes there won't even be a plan B ... or plan C. 

Yet, by the end of the day there is still much to be thankful for. 

Students have those days as well and often could do with a nudge towards more reflection on gratefulness. Or at least, on the positive things that do take place in their busy days. Write About has a set of writing prompts which focus on exactly that - a Gallery of Gratitude 

These are helpful prompts to set up short writing tasks and a useful resource for teachers. 

Write About also has other prompts which are interesting for writing tasks are organised under different themes, Adventure & Fantasy,  Creativity, General Ideas, among others. 
You can also find a Mini Lesson - Thank You Letters which is among other mini lessons open to educators. 

These are great prompts for ELT/ESOL as well and writing can be done with digital tools or without.

Write About is more too than only writing prompts; there are plenty of resources and support for teachers and it makes an engaging tool to use with students. There are different options for membership and even if an individual nor institution can cover the costs, it still is a digital space to visit for inspiration and writing resources.


Making a less than  "good day" into something better. 

Back to gratitude. Perhaps something to re-visit on a regular basis. 

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