23 November 2019

Writing with Minimalist Prose

While there may be plenty of forgotten, discarded class blogs floating around on the web, blogging, in my view, continues to be a worthwhile writing activity for learners. When it comes to classrooms, often the choice is whether to go ahead and encourage students to have a blog or not, to practice digital literacies as opposed to only skimming through platitudes and headline cliches. As with so many other digital options, for teaching,  much may depend on teaching context, place and time. As with so much else in life and education, much also depends on personal choices, pedagogical awareness and ingenuity to open learning for students.

On another note, as many will know, websites also have their lifespans; many tend to come and go over the years. . In regard to  blogging platforms, there are also regular new options for web writing which may reflect different needs and overall trends. 

Sometimes a digital tool or blog may seem intimidating to a new user - not so with Proseful.

Clean and simple, Proseful offers the regular features many blogging platforms have - uploading images, embedding and sharing easily with Twitter and Instagram. It's minimalist interface allows the writer to focus on their writing, with no other distractions - and isn't that what most teachers want when their students write - to focus without unnecessary distractions?

Public writing may not be to the taste of all learners.

Learning how to be comfortable with digital literacies for learning and their future lives, is however, relevant.

Choices are there for all. 

Do you view blogging as a relevant learning task?

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