18 May 2020

Virtual Classrooms and Remixes

As time working online passes, educators will find tools which will be best suited for their online teaching needs and learners. There has been a wealth of sharing (e.g. on Twitter), MOOCs, webinars, blogs, all focusing on how to best cross the bridges between F2F teaching and adapt to the requirements of online teaching/learning. 

Newrow offers virtual classrooms and is really worth looking into. With the inclusion of video, a whiteboard, screen sharing, breakout rooms, live chat, note-taking and live quizzes, Newrow has been one of the most interesting tools I have recently come across for online teaching. 

Online teaching is not sitting 6 or 8 hours in front of a screen (either as a teacher or learner), attempting to transfer F2F teaching to a virtual environment. However, many tasks which can be carried out in F2F classrooms, can easily be adopted in virtual learning as well, especially when it comes to creating and establishing a learning community.

Here, for instance, you can find how to remix/create Penguin book covers; learners can create their own book cover for a favourite book, for their own storytelling project and even use this remix as an ice-breaker to introduce themselves to a group. Possibilities are as endless as one's imagination and learning context. (image on cover Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Smithsonian Open Access is another rich source of images (and more) for remixes and student projects - for instance:

Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens

Educator Resources

Research News

If you would like to explore more on online learning/online teaching, Digital Delights is one of my curations focusing on the different aspects of online education.

What tools have you found most useful over these past months for online teaching?

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