21 June 2020

Live Polling for Collaboration and Sharing

It is no easy feat to transition quickly from F2F teaching to online remote emergency teaching as so many teachers now understand. There has been a lot of generous sharing of ideas, thoughts and recommendations though, and trying out these ideas and advice can only make us teachers more confident when teaching online while trying to simulate a F2F classroom. 

Nevertheless, things will be different. My focus here is on activities which may build social cohesion and rapport among learners (i.e. social cognition). One possible task is to have learners participate in a poll - and there are many different kinds of polls available. 

One that has recently caught my attention PopinNow
 - a crowdsourcing tool which may be used with learners as well.

There is a free version, and when sharing the question with students, you only need to give them the link and away they go!

Answers may be anonymous, peers may comment on replies, making it a simple procedure to carry out live surveys/polls and shared brainstorming.

It may not be beneficial asking learners to use all kinds of different tools at once, but as the saying goes, a bit of variety is the spice of life. PopinNow is merely another option which may be handy for teachers as well as learners who may want to start creating their own live surveys. 

Positive collaboration and sharing adds to the sweet spot of learning online. Wouldn't you agree?

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