8 June 2020

Suggestions for Blogging





Lot and lots and lots of time. 

Simply because there is more free time now, does not mean that everyone is going to be super productive and amazingly creative - regardless of the pressures from social media.

It does mean, though, that learners may be given the opportunity to explore more outlets for their future studies,  projects and the opportunity to focus on their own interests.  

Additionally, writing digitally, sharing blog posts, helps advance learners' digital fluency skills at different levels, as well as establishing their own voice online -shared, public and with the awareness of developing their digital identity. 

Two recent blogging platforms which could be of interest to both educators and learners to explore are 


Both are simple to use and free. Both are open to exploration. 

As intensive EAP courses begin, many online this year, giving learners the opportunity to blog, share their writing among peers and receive peer feedback, is a real learning experience for students. 

Why not give them that chance to learn a skill which will develop their digital fluency/ies and digital identity?

How to Write an Essay Like the Pros (Infographic)

Source: www.grammarcheck.net

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