8 June 2020

Three Suggestions for ELT


Learning a new language is always overwhelming, confusing, frustrating. 

Then, there comes a point when magic happens, connections spring into life and one knows the language. 

Or so I sometimes think. 

Until I can no longer improve those fragile linguistic connections. Waves of frustration settles in.  

This is how ELT learners often feel - that although they understand so much of English, they still struggle with improving and perfecting their English language skills. 

English Exercises offers interactive grammar games for low level learners of English, while also offering another site for more advance learners which focuses on writing. 

Writing Exercises 
has a wealth of interesting, interactive activities which help learners focus on their writing process. From prompts for a story plot, creating a character,  to generating prompts for a What If...? scenario, Writing Exercises is a treat of delights for ELT teachers and learners alike. 

Looking for something more than just ELT focus but still interesting for ELT learners?

Then Quick Quiz offers short quizzes on a range of topics which, often being familiar to ELT learners in their own native language, helps them to succeed in these quizzes in English. 

Topics are varied - from General Knowledge to the Natural World, from People and Places to Science and Health, there is something for everyone. 

Learning takes time, practice, dedication. 

As frustrating as it may appear at times, language learning does happen. 

Further Suggestions:


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