29 June 2020

Writing Prompts and EAP Support

Learning does not happen in a vacuum, learning preferences depend so much on context and individuals, while writing skills demand constant refinement. 

How can educators help learners with writing?

Writing Exercises and Prompts  is a space where you can find writing prompts, such as 
random first lines, plots generators, creating a setting,  among other prompts to stimulate imagination into writing. 

Learners can use Writing Exercises on their own or educators can dip in and choose what exercise would be most useful for a particular lesson. 

However you use it, it will surely bring smiles to budding writers. (see more here)

As Summer 2020 proceeds in full swing, so too do many intensive EAP courses. Having had the experience of once working in a context where no syllabus existed and no appropriate materials were available for teachers, resorting to web sources was often the only option.  These web sources were to give extra support to learners, to help them become more independent and autonomous as learners.

Below is a selection of EAP sites which are practical for both teachers and EAP students.

If anyone who stumbles across here and knows of other good references for EAP, please feel welcome to share!
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Further Suggestions: 

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