1 July 2020

Collaborating with Video Projects

One aspect of teaching and learning is student agency. Another that I have always sought to foster is learner autonomy - not necessarily the abdication of the teaching role, but guiding learners to become more confident and autonomous learners.

Among the different tasks which may encourage students developing their own agency, fostering their learning autonomy and collaborative learning is creating a video - collaboratively. 

Tella is a video editing tool which I recently came across and is definitely a tool I would like to share with learners. 

Once you sign up, you will be directed to Quick Start, where you can learn more about best how to use Tella. 

Video projects are engaging for learners - and they get to learn/practice other digital skills for their own lives as well. Often they will go beyond the simple (and mostly expected) tasks that they have practiced in many classrooms - whether F2F or online. Collaborating on a video is often a new task for them: challenging, creative and satisfying to be learning in a contemporary way. 

Do you usually give your learners a video task to create on their courses?

Further Suggestions:

KineMaster - Create.Edit.Share-

KdanMobile  - Make video outlines, create storyboard, and edit clips in a flash.

Screen Recorder 

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