12 July 2020

Developing Writing for Oneself - Sharing is Optional

There are many reasons to write and for learners, that often takes the purpose of essays and assignments. Sometimes the challenge comes from cultural explanations, e.g. is a certain culture more oral based or written based? 

However, that seems close to a cliche these days, when so much is read online, hence, whoever can, will definitely read and reading will in turn, foster writing, if given the opportunity. 

Writing for oneself is a process which I sometimes find is overlooked. In a world anxious to share everything, where does a quiet space for writing have a place? Having been born BG (Before Google), I still blend analogue and digital; i.e. I use both pen and paper as well as the keyboard. Whatever one may think of journaling, whether one does keep a journal either with pen and paper or in digital form, writing a daily entry helps with overall writing skills. And more - writing helps clarify the mind, random thoughts, wild dreams, reflections and desires. 

Below are some suggestions for digital writing - either to be shared or used for journaling. 

Write Next is another option. Writing is a habit. 

Minute is for reflection and journaling. Minimalist, clean and simple. A good habit for writing. (though only free for 30 days;). 

And then there is, Imprint -
a blogging platform which a novel format and form of sharing. 

With so many years of pressure to "think outside the box", I wonder how many of us retreat deeper and deeper into our own heads. I wonder too about the effects of constant zoom meetings and the transition from F2F teaching to remote emergency. 

Quiet time to recapture oneself. Quiet time to reflect, to write, to dissect one's head and feelings. 

Quiet time to learn. 

Writing daily, keeping a journal (whether analogue or digital) keeps one's head space open for new ideas and learning. 

Further Suggestions: 

I'm afraid I don't have an attribution to the image of the head; should anyone who passes by here happens to know, please do share as I would like to acknowledge the author/source. 

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