9 July 2020

Generating Headlines - A Writing Task

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It may not necessarily be the most sought after profession at the moment, yet the truth is, we have always needed journalists and writers. More so today, as we live tethered to screens, flickering with regular updates on news around the globe. 

For learners who are going to take journalism, here are some interesting sites which focus on generating headline titles and more. 

Headlime offers to generate headlines by the user answering different questions regarding a service or product, for example. 

is slightly different.

Begin by typing in a topic and then click on search; several titles will appear, along with the suggestion to find out more about it. Once you are in the dashboard, there is quite a lot to explore as you can see from the screen shot below:

My last suggestion today is .
Headline Generator

Headline Generator has other features which I find interesting for learners - namely that it includes a text analyzer as you can see below:

Do these exercise encourage more online clickbait?

Do they take away the opportunity for learners to think of their own headline without resorting to a digital tool?


Then again, learning is also about evaluating web tools and deciding which are in fact practical and those which are not; which enhance learning, which hinder learning and inspiration.

More than ever, however, is the right to learn, the right to think critically, the ability to make informed choices. Those choices come through exploration, evaluation, exchange of opinions and views and learning experiences.

Choices are what one has after the opportunity of learning.

What open, learning opportunities are you giving your learners these days?

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