12 July 2020

Goosechase with Me?

From online tools to mobile apps, there is a myriad of choices for educators and learners to engage with. Consider this infographic on messaging and web- browsing below:

There is a world of apps for all purposes, including learning and learner participation. 

is a tool which creates scavenger hunts for learners, while motivating participation in online learning. 

Learners can participate as individuals or in teams,  they can submit images, videos, a text response and even check in at a specific location (though this last feature may be more difficult these days, especially on a course where learners are located around the world). 
GooseChase - Overview from GooseChase on Vimeo.

For anyone interested in knowing more about GooseChase, there is a clear FAQ  which helps teachers start up their own game for students.

Are you ready to start scavenging?

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