1 July 2020

Infographics for Creativity, Fun and Mini Research Projects

In need for a quick, simple activity?

An activity that can be easily shared in an online lesson/breakout rooms?

Infographics are a wonderful resource for lessons. They can be used for reading comprehension,  for specific vocabulary, as inspiration to begin a mini research project and better still, as a model for learners to create their own infographics (Canva, for example has great templates to use for designing infographics and other visuals as well). 

Two infographics which are fun to share with learners are:

10 Crazy Inventions You’ve Never Seen 
How many more can students come up with? Which pair of students/group will come up with the funniest, most outrageous, practical, wonderous invention?

Another example of an infographic which may be interesting for learners is 20 Plants You’ll Need In The Apocalypse.
The title may be a bit on the dark side (especially considering that it is summer in the Northern hemisphere), but by offering the right context, learners can carry out a mini research project about nutritious plants in their part of the world, agree/disagree with the plants indicated in the infographic and finally, even design their own recommended plants in a visual artefact. These can then be easily uploaded to the class LMS or a Padlet, where students can then wrap up their mini project with peer feedback (always much more interesting that the teacher's feedback). 

How do you use infographics in your lessons?

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10 Crazy Inventions You’ve Never Seen

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