7 July 2020

Linking Curation and Calm

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

In a world of raging divisions, I seek calm. 

In a world of deep divisions, I seek calm. 

In a world of growing digital tools, I wonder which may last, which may be in fact useful for pedagogical practices, which may add that extra sparkle to  learning. 

Curation has become a space of calm for me. I have used different tools - from digital Binders, Diigo, Wakelet and of course, Scoop.It! . Each one has served/serves its purpose. Even though I may not curate in the sense of reading, summarising and adding personal insights/comments, my curations have become mini digital libraries which I turn to for different purposes. These purposes may be merely to bookmark and share, sites/articles which I go back to or save momentarily to have a closer look when I have time. When possible, I also go back and evaluate what I have saved - is it still relevant? Does the site/article still exist online? 

There is a state of calm in curation. Linking ideas, exploring points of views, registering zeitgeist. And, again, having a space which is easily accessible for points of references. 

There are different aspects too, to take into consideration when curating, namely, is the tool free and possibly for how long will it last. The issue of digital tools being free is complex, as Jennifer Carey refers to in Free Isn't a Feature -- Deploying Ed Tech in the Age of Coronavirus . It is obvious that edtech companies need to make a living and if certain features of a digital tool require payment, then individuals need to make the decision of whether the tool is worth paying for or not.  

Which brings me to e-link . elink is  a newsletter creator, web page builder, and bookmarker; below you can see how it may be used:

Yes, a range of features and also price ranges.

And like other digital tools, it is for the user to decide whether it is worth it or not.

Curation, a space of sharing, of collaborating and calm reflection.

How do you find calm in learning?

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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