8 July 2020

Making Dreams come True with Creativity

Making learners' dreams come true?

Isn't that what the majority of teachers would like to do? To ensure that learners have learnt and are prepared for their next steps in learning? 

As so many educators know, there is always that pressure of learning tasks to be effective, efficient but also creative. As much as one would like, creativity is not quite like turning on a tap of water or switching on a light bulb. Nevertheless, there are practices which do foster creativity for everyone - including educators and learners. 

Before sharing this visual (below) with learners, learners could work in pairs/in small groups, brainstorming their own ideas on how best to become creative and "unleash their creative genius". After exchanging ideas, learners can compare their own ideas with suggestions offered in this infographic:

What inspires your creativity?

Further Suggestions:

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