10 July 2020

Prism and Prism for Learning

Photo by Rio Kuncoro from Pexels

Tell me what you see. 

Is light and lightness?

Or the darkness of shadows?

Prism and Prism - both digital tools but like the image above, they are different, yet both can be shared with learners for their learning processes. 

Prism is a visual curation tool, in a way similar to Wakelet which allows you to keep your curated boards private or shared. 

Simple to use, it is yet another option for curation practices. It also serves as a personal book-marker for students who often are overwhelmed with links and web references. Having these organised in boards so that they can return and review these references is a great help for learners. 

Prism is
for collaborative learning; a tool for collaborative interpretation of texts. 

It may have been designed with K12 in mind, 
but also is great for those studying on EAP courses. 

Both these tools are online and available for learners - so many who are currently studying online. 

Light and darkness. 

Both belong to nature. Just as learning. 

Learning too doesn't have to be only a solitary, (sometimes dark) affair. There is collaborative learning, light, and lightness. 

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