12 July 2020

Writing - Blogging or Setting up Shop?

Again I turn to writing. 

How does one begin?

Where does one begin?

Zyro is an interesting place to start off. You can simply create a blog or even an online store - an interesting challenge for learners who may wish to try their online business skills. 

As Grant Snider so well illustrated, the hardest part of writing is actually showing up. 

Beginnings are never easy. Showing up to start off a project may, however, be the best start a learner can engage in. 


For anyone who may be interested in educational technology, there is going to be a webinar with Audrey Watters and Paul Prinsloo, held on 20th July, 2020 - "Building Anti-Surveillance Ed-Tech! In Conversation with Audrey Watters". 

This webinar will be held with :

" Dr. Paul Prinsloo as he hosts a conversation with Audrey Watters, “an education writer, an independent scholar, a serial dropout, a rabble-rouser, and ed-tech 'Cassandra” as they explore the following issues.

How we often overlook one of the most pervasive trends in education technology over the last few decades, rarely featured in lists of "what's new" and "what's hot"- surveillance.

How by embracing surveillance as a core tenet of education technology, we are sacrificing students' privacy and their safety.

How too often in education and ed-tech, we confuse surveillance for care. We need to watch students closely, we tell ourselves, because we want them to be safe and to do well.

How caring means trusting, and trusting means being able to turn off a controlling gaze.

How we can imagine (and build) a different set of ed-tech practices, one founded on trust rather than suspicion, on care rather than on control."

Definitely a talk not to be missed!

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